Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries in the World

Gramercy Awarded Top 100 Winery in the World for the Tenth Time!

Every year during August, we anxiously await Wine & Spirits Magazine’s announcement of the Top 100 Wineries in the World. For the tenth time since 2010, we have been selected as a Top 100 winery. Wine & Spirits tasting reviews are conducted under blind conditions, with the wines served in numbered glasses. The wines must speak for themselves. It is an honor to be included in this list, as it is a who’s who of global wineries.

Top 100 wineries here.

Top Scoring Wines for 2021

2018 “Les Collines” Syrah
95 Points

2017 “John Lewis” Syrah
95 Points – SOLD OUT

2017 Gramercy Estates
94 Points – SOLD OUT

2017 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
93 Points

2017 “L’Idiot du Village” Mourvèdre
93 Points – SOLD OUT

2017 “Lagniappe-Red Willow” Syrah
92 Points

2018 “Third Man” Grenache
92 Points

2020 “Olsen Vineyard” Rosé
92 Points – SOLD OUT

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
91 Points


We would also like to congratulate our friends at Pepper Bridge Winery who made it on the list with us this year.